PA Work License


What is an Occupational Limited License? An Occupational Limited License (OLL) is a PA driver’s license issued to a suspended driver who held a valid PA driver’s license. An Occupational Limited License authorizes driving a designated motor vehicle, under certain conditions, when it is necessary for the Pennsylvania driver’s work, occupation, doctor / medical treatment or school. Based on your driving record and violations, PennDOT will evaluate whether or not you are eligible for an Occupational Limited Drivers License.

” Our experience in helping PA suspended drivers obtain a Work License or Occupational license gives us the ability to pre qualify you for this special
privilege. Please contact us prior to completing the application so we can verify if you qualify for the PA work license. “

You can apply by completing the PA Work License Limited License Petition (form DL-15). To have continuous driving privileges, you must send your completed OLL
Petition, check or money order, and Proof of Insurance(s) by certified mail to the PA Department of Transportation at least 20 days before your suspension begins.

If your Petition is received and approved, but the OLL has not been issued before your suspension begins, the Department will delay the start of your suspension for 15
days. They will issue an approval letter and a temporary license that is valid until the new suspension start date. Credit toward your suspension will begin upon the new effective date or later. During this 15 day delay, you need to send your current driver’s license, by certified mail, to PennDOT.

If you are already under suspension and do not have a valid license, complete and send the Petition with a check or money order made payable to PA Department of
Transportation, and Proof of Insurance(s) by certified mail to PennDOT. Within 20 days of receiving your Petition, the Department will inform you in writing whether or not you are eligible for an OLL.

If you are currently, or about to be suspended for any of these violations, you are not eligible for an OLL:

  • 3345- Passing a school bus
  • 1533 or 6146 – Failure to respond to a citation
  • 3367 – Racing on highways
  • 1543 – Driving while suspended (possible exceptions)
  • 3732 – Homicide by Vehicle
  • 1547 – Refusal to submit to chemical testing (possible exceptions)
  • 3733 – Fleeing a Police Officer
  • 1786 – Failure to maintain financial responsibility
  • 3734 – Driving without lights ARD ordered suspension for DUI
  • 3735- Homicide by Vehicle/DUI Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act Violations
  • 3736- Reckless Driving Underage alcohol violations (possible exceptions)
  • 3742- Accidents involving death or injury Any serious traffic offense
  • 3743 – Leaving scene of an accident Any violations relating to accidents and accident reports
  • 3802- Driving under the influence (possible exceptions)

You maybe issued only one (1) OLL every five (5) years. You may not apply for any permit, after the OLL has been issued.

To find the application for the PA Work License (OLL);

  • DL-15 Work License Application
  • DL-15 Limited License Affidavit

Limited License Affidavit

You must complete the work license affidavit and keep this with you at all times you are d riving. This form will allow any officer who stops you to understand the terms of your limited license.