PA Work License for Pennsylvania Drivers


Bread and Butter – Work License Types

PA Work License is here to help those suspended drivers in Pennsylvania who need to continue driving for their jobs, families, health, and life! PA Work License staff would like you to take some time to look around and learn a little about what can be done to help those with a suspended license get a Work License, Probationary License, Occupational License, OLL, Bread and Butter License, or what ever you want to call it.

Pennsylvania Work license

This covers all types of limited work license options in Pennsylvania. Typically issued to allow residents a break after a small mistake and losing their PA driving privilege.

Bread and Butter License

A Bread and Butter license is the same thing as a Pennsylvania Work License, some locations use the term Bread and Butter instead. PennDOT uses the term Bread and Butter in one application and Occupational License in another.

Occupational Limited License – OLL

The Occupational License is the term that is used generally for the PA work license. In Pennsylvania this term refers to a license to drive for work, school, and some medical reasons. The Occupational Limited License is shortened to OLL or sometimes just called the Occupational License.

Probationary License

This type of drivers license is different than the rest. It has different requirements and restrictions. In PA this type of license usually requires a longer suspension period and a longer minimum suspension time. This type of license does not require that you have had a valid PA license.

Please recognize that the Probationary License is available to only those individuals who have earned it by demonstrating a minimum period of compliance to their suspension/revocation. In many cases, this license will enable you to rejoin the mainstream of social and employment opportunities and reap the benefits from this “second chance.

Ignition Interlock Work License

If you qualify for a Work License after getting a suspension for a DUI in Pennsylvania then you might be required to have a Ignition Interlock system installed prior to being issued the work License. You should get help with all the the steps required to having the ignition interlock work license issued.

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