Occupational License

Application for the Occupational Limited License or OLL can be very complicated and may not result in relief of your license
suspension if not done right. Don’t take a chance wasting time and money be applying for your occupational Limited license without
expert help. We can help with your limited license application and guarantee the OLL application will be granted or your money back!

From the Pennsylvania vehicle code for occupational Limited License or OLL. The Law explains what PennDOT is required to provide
to Pennsylvania residents who have had their drivers license suspended for certain violations.

(1) The applicant for an occupational limited license must file a petition with the department, by certified mail, setting forth in detail the
need for operating a motor vehicle. The petition shall be on a form prescribed by the department and shall identify the specific motor
vehicle or vehicles the petitioner seeks permission to operate. The petition shall include an explanation as to why the operation of a
motor vehicle is essential to the petitioner’s occupation, work, trade, treatment or study. The petition shall identify the petitioner’s employer,
educational institution or treatment facility, as appropriate, and shall include proof of financial responsibility covering all vehicles which
the petitioner requests to be allowed to operate. The department shall promulgate regulations to require additional information as well
as additional evidence to verify the information contained in the petition.

It clearly states that the driver is required to prove that driving is essential to living and being a productive member of society.
We can help you prove that your ability to drive is essential, and we know how to explain this to the department of transportation
so you can qualify for the Occupational Limited License or OLL.

(2) The petitioner shall surrender his driver’s license in accordance with section 1540 (relating to surrender of license).
If the petitioner’s driver’s license has been lost or stolen, the petitioner shall submit an application for a replacement license, along
with the proper fee. If the petitioner is a nonresident licensed driver, the petitioner shall submit an acknowledgment of suspension
in lieu of a driver’s license. If the petitioner’s license has expired, the petitioner shall submit an application for renewal, along with
the appropriate fee. All fines, costs and restoration fees must be paid at the time of petition.

There are a lot of steps that you must take when applying for the Occupational Limited License or OLL. If you don’t follow each step
properly you can be denied the license. We can help you through the process of application and guarentee you will be granted the
license. Don’t take chances getting through this mess on your own, get our professional help getting the Occupational Limited License
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(c) Fee.–The fee for applying for an occupational limited license shall be $50. This fee shall be nonrefundable and no
other fee shall be required.

You can see that sending application for the Occupational Limited License can get expensive if you keep getting denied and
don’t know what to do. A nonrefundable fee and there is no way to know if your application will be denied without the help of an expert.

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