Denied the PA Work License?

Have you been denied the Pennsylvania Limited Work, OLL, or Probationary License?

It’s not uncommon to be denied the work license if it is the first time you have attempted the application process. Getting that rejection letter can be confusing and offer no explanation as to why PennDOT has denied the Work License Application. If you want to be sure you will be approved and understand the process from start to finish, give us a call and get started on your work license application right now. The team at Pa Work License can prepare the application and submit everything needed for the Work License even if you were denied in the past.

Once we have your record we will explain if you are eligible and if we tell you that you will qualify for the OLL then we will guarantee the application. If you are denied after we have completed your OLL application then we will refund our fees or re-apply and fix whatever caused the OLL to be denied.

The PA work license application and probationary license application can be confusing and tricky. Your denial can cost you time and money, and might throw a red flag within PennDOT so they take extra time to review you application much closer next time. You don’t need this headache or wasted time. Our service is prepared to make application as soon as you are eligible and will get you approved…. guaranteed!


Other complications can arise if you are denied the work license that you may not expect. Once you apply, it might be too late to change your application, so you may never qualify. So why not do it right the first time and not take any chances.

Our tried methods for limited work license application have proven that we can get you approved, and save you time and hassle. Give us a call today, or send an email, and we’ll get you on the road again with your limited license.